Fruitbat Documentation

FRUITBAT is an open source Python package designed to assist the estimation of redshifts, energies and the galactic dispersion measure contributions of fast radio bursts.

FRUITBAT generates and utilises ‘look-up’ tables of existing dispersion measure-redshift relations found in the literature (Ioka 2003, Inoue 2004, Zhang 2018) in conjunction with parameters from both the WMAP and Planck missions. FRUITBAT also utilises the YMW16 galactic dispersion measure model to estimate the dispersion measure contribution due to the Milky Way. However it is also possible to use the NE2001 model if the python port has been installed (See the NE2001 installation instructions).

As a user you can independantly choose the dispersion measure-reshift relation and the cosmological parameters, or define your own relation, create new cosmologies and generate custom look-up tables for FRUITBAT.

FRUITBAT is installable via pip (see Getting Started) or the source code is made avaliable here.

If you use Fruitbat in your research, please add the acknowledgement statement “Some of the results of this paper have been derived using the FRUITBAT package” and cite the JOSS paper.

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