NE2001 Installation Instructions

When you install FRUITBAT it automatically installs the YMW16 galactic electron density model pyywm16 from PyPi. However, if you have the python port of the NE2001 model by Ben Baror and JXP you can use it with FRUITBAT to estimate the galactic contribution to dispersion measure.

The python port that is compatible with FRUITBAT is found at:

You will need to download and install the NE2001 model to use it.

Installing the NE2001 model

>>> git clone
>>> cd ne2001
>>> pip install .

Using the NE2001 model

After installing the NE2001 model, it behaves exactly the same as the YNW16 model. To specify that you want to use the NE2001 model pass “ne2001” as a keyword in calc_dm_galaxy().

>>> import fruitbat
>>> FRB190523 = fruitbat.Frb(760.8, gl="117.03", gb="44")
>>> dm_galaxy_ymw16 = FRB190523.calc_dm_galaxy(model="ymw16")
>>> dm_galaxy_ne2001 = FRB190523.calc_dm_galaxy(model="ne2001")
>>> print(dm_galaxy_ymw16, dm_galaxy_ne2001)
29.88017464 pc / cm3    36.87013932 pc / cm3